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Visual Musings on the Natural World

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“Nothing in my life motivates, inspires, challenges, and completes me quite like the simple act of making art.”

Eva Magill-OliverMeet the artist
Eva in her studio with two original paintings behind her

Living Color

Eva Magill-Oliver is a visual artist and designer based in Greenville, South Carolina. Her work takes inspiration from the natural world, incorporating organic colors, shapes, forms, and textures.
A piece of white dropcloth with splatters and dried puddles of a variety of paint colors
Mixed media paper art from Collage 2
Mixed media paper art from Collage 2

Portfolio Work

Canvas '19 - '20

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Framed canvas art painted in blues and greens with yellow stripes and a purple line

Memory I

Canvas painted with a series of visible paint strokes in warm whites, soft blues, and dark greens

Variation I

Canvas '21

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Abstract painting on canvas of organic shapes and curved lines mounted on the wall

New Town I

Abstract canvas painting in bright orange and pinks with white arches

Space 3

Paper '19 - '20

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Abstract art of broad paint strokes and concentric parallel lines in dark blue under paper cut out int he shape of leaves

Collage 1

Paper cutouts of layered silhouettes of leaves on branches

Nature IV

Paper '21

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Bold paper cutouts of circles and arches layered under a cutout of a leaf

Movement I

Paper cut outs of arches and organic shapes around a red sun

Rhythms II

Recent Collaborations

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Sylvie Thiriez

NIKE: Artist Pack x Eva Magill-Oliver

Selected Stories

Paper cut out of the silhouette of a branch of leaves under an orange circle

French linens designer Sylvie Thiriez invited Eva to collaborate on a bedding collection inspired by Eva’s art. The set featured bright, layered botanicals and crisp white textiles for a feel that was both sophisticated and fun.

Woman wearing windbreaker with abstract lines and arches in salmon and warm brown on a light blush background

Eva’s work was featured in a 4-piece running capsule for Nike’s Artist Pack, a workout collection designed for and by women. Eva conveyed the clarity and freedom she feels while running in the meditative style of her collection.

Cover of book "Elected Stories" by Elizabeth Bowen featuring abstract art of paper soaking up a variety of paint colors

Eva was commissioned to design a custom cover for Selected Stories by Elizabeth Bowen. The cover features Eva’s watercolor work in a stunning natural palette and her signature nature-inspired shapes.