All creatives from visual artists to writers to musicians go through down periods of being unmotivated or uninspired -- myself included. I honestly feel it is a natural part of the cycle of someone who has the desire to create art. Even though natural, it is nonetheless frustrating and depleting for the individual at the time. These low periods can be triggered from all kinds of sources -- both internal and external. From everyday stress and fatigue to larger life events and/or life changes can lead to these dips in motivation. I have learned over the years to accept these creative lulls and let go of the fear associated with them. The fear that comes from not knowing when it will pass and when you will once again feel inspired to create. I accept them as ambiguous, but merely temporary. Because even though you may not physically be working, your artistic mind is always creating in the background. It is constantly recording and documenting all that inspires you. I even think these periods can be extremely healthy. Inadvertently, they force you to pause, step back, evaluate yourself and your work, and most importantly -- evolve! Because growth and truly being present in this world is possibly the best artistic expression we can hope for.