Good quality design is something I seek to create in my art and also try to have present in my everyday life. This is something that has always interested me, but not until my early 30s did I really understand both the mental and artistic benefits of something that is well designed. My 20s were a time when I had interest in every kind of genre, style, and approach to art. I think it is typical of most younger artists who are trying out and experimenting with tons of different styles, mediums, materials, and subject matter. I now see that phase as an important part of the evolution of becoming a focused and serious artist.

The more I painted and the longer I painted, the one truth that seemed to speak the loudest was the importance of good design. It held more weight and was more impactful even than the final message I was trying to convey. Without it, there is no foundation and all is lost to the viewer. Your vision gets muddied, your intentions are unclear, and your composition will fail. A good design can resist the passage of time and can resonate across cultures and demographics. It can be appreciated and admired long after it was created.