I wanted to write about a recent post done by the very talented artist and illustrator lisa congdon. She wrote about several existential questions that had recently been on her mind brought on by the life event of turning 50. She posed several often asked internal questions about life and its evasive and sought-after meaning. She also asked several important questions most, if not all, artists ponder and reflect on. The one question in particular that resonated with me was "How much do I care what other people think about my work?" and then she followed with "How much do I care if they like it?"

As a professional creative, this thought is always on one's mind. It even unfortunately often times steers our color palettes, size choice, materials, etc. All in an effort to make likable art, therefore buyable art. If you ever started to create work that did not fall into these categories other means of income would become necessary. This fact, while it is the reality, also seems quite troubling especially when it comes to expressing oneself and being creative.

I have been trying to refocus after our recent move, gathering ideas and imagery in preparation to start a new body of work for this fall. This season I have really wanted to push myself in new ways and create work that is interesting to make and important to me. Yet going forward I cannot help but have that self-doubting question lingering in my mind - "Will they like it?" I know all artists throughout the ages have had these thoughts. Yet they continue to create art that matters to them and satisfies a deeper part of their soul. I will do the same in a very sincere effort to hear and listen to my own voice, the only one that matters. Hope you'll "Like" it.