I've always loved the simplicity and directness of line work properly used in artwork. For me, no other element is so basic, yet capable of depicting so much. The first thing I typically do when I enter the studio are line drawings with ink, pencil, or marker. This practice is a mental warm up to start my mind, hand, and eye working together to create. It is a mentally calming and satisfying exercise for me and, in a way, gives me a sense of artistic control and purpose. You start with a blank surface and with simple lines, marks, and gestures, you can create focus, tension, movement, horizons, and silhouettes. You have the power to render something from nothing.

Abstract and contemporary paintings indeed encompass all the glamour and intrigue that one might associate with today's modern art. Bright contrasting colors add interest and conflict. Mixed media can add depth and texture. And one's technique can generate emotion and empathy. Yet my love for the common mark is the building block of my work. Contour line work can depict the female form, grandiose architecture, organic shapes, and distant horizons. It holds a resonating power of the simplicity of human expression. 

"From a distance it might look straight, but when you get up close, you can always see the line waver. And that's where the beauty is."  —Margaret Kilgallen