I have been lucky enough to call asheville home for the past three years. We moved here not knowing a soul, but were immediately touched and surprised at how warm and welcoming everyone was. A sharp contrast from the cold aloofness that comes from living in larger cities. I truly felt right away a sense of support, community, and love. At the time of our move, my son was only a year old and having that sense of fellowship and support for our family was a lifesaver. The stress of being a first time mother can be so overwhelming and, not only I, but my son will be forever grateful to the kind souls that have crossed our paths here. My family and I will be moving very soon back to atlanta, georgia. I am excited about many aspects of this move, but also quite sad to leave asheville behind. A bigger city will offer a lot more opportunity for myself and family, but I will truly miss the breathtaking nature, weather, and above all the sincere and wonderful friends I have made here. Looking bravely and optimistically toward our future, but leaving a piece of my heart in this beautiful town called asheville.