I recently read a really poignant article that struck a chord with me. It was written by Debora Spar on the unrealistic goals that continuously pile up on women in today's world. Her point is that the demanding expectation on a woman today is "to be successful at home and work, sexy and sophisticated, perfectly coiffed, and eternally young." I think most of us are trying to achieve this unattainable perfection without even realizing it. I am sometimes a victim of this myself and wonder why I have feelings of underlying guilt and resentment. As women born of this generation, we know no other way. It's simply how a successful/happy woman is expected to be. All the pre-feminist responsibilities have now been folded into these new standards of work, money, success, and beauty. A double whammy. This post is not focused on art, but I thought it was an important subject. I have been working hard these past few years to create a career as an artist while still trying to maintain "perfection" in other areas of my life...and failing. In accepting that this idealistic myth of perfection is unattainable, I feel the breath coming back into my lungs. My life is not flawless, but it is mine.

"Because if the goal of life is perfection, then we all, by definition, are destined to fail. That cannot -- must not -- be the plot."