I had a previous relationship with a fellow artist. We worked for the same fine arts publishing company. Of course, we both wanted to breakthrough as successful artists in our own right. Personally, however, time seemed in endless supply when I was in my 20s. That is where the two of us differed greatly. Every day, all day, the only subject in his thoughts was art. It was a singular focus for him. I was baffled by this intense level of commitment. For me, art would always be there and I had too many other things I felt like I needed to do. I truly felt like I wouldn't be able to accomplish all that I wanted to in 100 lifetimes. Things small and large such as learning to knit, cook, and reading new books to larger goals such as running a marathon, traveling, learning another language, and thinking about starting a family of my own. I must say my art career took a backseat during this time. I have been reflecting on this part of my life since a friend recently asked me where my ideas and inspiration originate from. I realized a lot of my ideas have stemmed from all of these non art-related experiences that didn't have any connection to art but are nonetheless present in my all of my work today. So, I do not regret the delay well into my 30s before finally getting focused on my personal artwork. Now, when I wake up, I understand exactly what my ex-boyfriend's passions for art was all about. Oh.. Sidebar, I did run a marathon, traveled, learned to speak french, and have a beautiful family. Zero regrets!