I recently received an email from a follower asking me some questions related to Instagram. The questions were thought provoking, and they made me reflect on how important and relevant social and digital media have become. Below is our informal interview. If you're so inclined, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic! Look forward to seeing your comments.

1.     Do you think that instagram is a new kind of interactive gallery?

Yes! For artists and creatives from all backgrounds, I feel like it is the perfect channel and format to put your work and creative process on display. You can exchange with and support other creative people while also being inspired yourself. And it’s an international audience, all wrapped up in a no-cost platform. It has been a huge help for me, allowing me to connect not only with other artists, but also galleries, companies, and designers.

2.     How much do you think about how your instagram feed looks visually?

The material I use for instagram is typically what I am currently working on in the moment. As artists, we are lucky in that sense to have such a huge and constant visual library. Stylistically, I am very particular about how the work is presented and photographed. I think that is a given. If you spend time creating something, you want it to be presented in the best way possible to the viewer. I also tend to share along certain themes, my sketchbook being a major one. These are typically ideas and things that are inspiring me on the day. I think this keeps the feed consistent and turns into a more cohesive body of work.

3.     Do you consider yourself a curator of your own online space

I do, and appreciate the opportunity to be in control of how my own “virtual gallery” is presented to the outside world. Instagram is my primary online space and, as mentioned above, each individual post and the collective feed are important to the overall visual story.

4.     Do you think the future of getting your work “out there” is digital?

It has helped me tremendously, but I think supporters and people that are buying artwork still value the personal connection that one has when standing in front of a piece of work. Especially being a painter, much of the texture and nuance of a piece can get lost in a purely digital format. So, I still consider traditional galleries as serving an important purpose in the career of any artist. However, as a channel for finding and connecting with your audience, digital marketing cannot be ignored. It is a great tool and has allowed me to reach and connect with people that I never would have reached otherwise.

5.     Lastly, do you have any advice for young artists trying to get into galleries.

In the last several years, more and more galleries are supporting young and emerging artists. There goal is to promote and support the sale of work that is more affordable and I think that has been a huge help for talented young artists coming into the market. Also, I would say never be shy or intimidated to share your work and get it in front of galleries. Lastly, it is definitely cliché, but persistence is a key element to success. If you persist, the hard work will pay off.