A professor once told me that you haven't really painted until you've done at least 100 paintings. So true. As I've mentioned before, I have been painting since a very young age. My mother put me in oil and acrylic painting classes around the age of 8. I knew and felt even then the immediate love for the medium and have never been bored or lost desire to learn as much as I can. Paint, unlike other mediums, often has a mind of its own. One might think or wish to be in control, but often it is the exact opposite. As artists, we are the ones reacting to what the paint has decided to do. Even realistic painters often spend a lifetime trying to perfect and control this chosen medium. It is an obsession for all painters, I believe, to create that perfect and harmonious moment when both paint and the artist do what they do best. Unlike anything I know, painting has the potential to express and become almost every emotion possible: love, hate, joy, anger, lust, frustration, bliss, betrayal, and... Peace. You can add your own to the list.