In these moments of isolation and quarantine, I have tried to create work that embodies and represents what I am personally feeling and experiencing during this time. Art is wonderful in this way. It exists as an outlet to express oneself and release all the ideas and emotions that might not ever be verbalized.

I have noticed that for many artists, myself included, this new situation that has been forced upon us kindles the creative fire instead of snuffing it out.  I feel a palpable need and compulsion to make art during this crisis.

I need to find a voice, to keep busy both mentally and physically, and to create something that is simply beautiful.

I personally am very excited to see all of the new artwork that will emerge from this period in quarantine. Even though we have all been physically separated in this moment in time, oddly enough, it has bound us together more tightly than ever.

It has allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and with each other and has been a reminder of how fleeting life can be. We are talking, we are listening, and we are helping one another. I hope my work during this time will be a symbol of this newfound compassion and openness in each and every one of us.