I have been focused recently on the cycles that seem to quietly exist throughout our life. These circular passage ways that lead you forward then inevitably back to the start. This is never so undeniably clear to me as when I am beginning a painting. I always look to solve some issue, discover some answer or to visually represent something I wish to express. Just as I feel this task has been completed new issues, questions and thoughts arise and the journey begins yet again. Artists know this cyclical path will never cease. The weighted knowledge of this rather than discourage propels us into motion. It offers a purpose and a wholeness to the mental artistic process. This cycle is the embodiment of creativity and keeps us from becoming stagnant.

I reflect on this circular motion as I look back at all the art I have created in the past. I can see the stages and phases of my life in each drawing and piece created. The art acts as a mirror of who I was and what I was thinking at that distinct moment in time. What I love most about this reflection is that although the work looks completely different each year there is always some small connective thread throughout it all. Some commonality and cohesiveness in the work that reminds me that the art came from only one individual…..Me. When I am low on inspiration, as I feel a lot of us might be during this bleak time, I find hope in the fact that the art will always remain inside me. That there will be a thread holding it close by even if I am uninspired to create any. Then whenever ready I can reconnect and the cycle will begin again.